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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Surrey Electoral Registers, 1918-1945 updated

I have updated the Surrey Electoral Registers on our website Link. The page now covers the whole period 1918-1939 & 1945. Previously it only covered the years 1930-1939. This took a long time as the Ancestry.co.uk index was not manually transcribed, but created using text recognition software. Most of the addresses were either missing, incomplete, or incorrect, so I added corrections to the site. I also corrected any errors in personal names that I found. Occasionally people were not picked up by the software at all. Working through the years 1918-1929 (inc) & 1945 I found over 1,200 additional entries - twice as many as the original number. Note: Not all of the Surrey registers were scanned as part of this project, especially parts of Surrey which became London boroughs, such as Kingston-upon-Thames. Registers for the years 1832-1915 are expected to be added to Ancestry.co.uk in the near future.

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