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Thursday, 13 January 2011

John Welbyloved 1315, Plymouth Devon

I have just discovered another early Wellbelove reference. It relates to a John Welbyloved  in 1315.

Grant by William de Lyndewell to Thomas, Abbot of Buckland, of 25 a [missing] with appurtenances in Pudehele in Bykel Wood in exchange for 25 a [missing] and [missing] one virgate of wood as is more fully explained in a chyrograph
Witnesses: Richard de Mewy [Meavy], Roger Pomeray, John Welbyloved, John Ongar and Gilbert Yeovyng and others
Dated at Bokland [Buckland]
© Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

As stated in previous articles, there is no evidence that any current Wellbelove lines are descended from the early Devon name bearers. It is uncertain whether the Devon line died out, or migrated eastward towards the London area. It is quite possible the surname evolved separately in London and or the surrounding Home Counties.

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