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Friday, 12 February 2010

1911 Census for England & Wales

I have downloaded all the Wellbelove household schedules (that I can find) from the 1911 Census for England & Wales. The schedules are in colour and were generally filled out by the head of the household, so many will contain our ancestors handwriting. They also include other details which did not appear on earlier censuses, such as number of years married, (for current marriage), and number of children to current marriage.

If anybody would like a copy of their ancestor's entry, then please contact me and I will freely send them to you.

There is a table of the 1911 census on the Wellbelove Genealogy website. Check here initially to see if your ancestor is recorded. http://www.wellbelove.org/eng1911.html


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June Page said...

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the Wellbelove Blog. It is much easier to understand and the 1911 Census is great.